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Lightner Electronics is your Ultimate Broadcast Equipment Supply & Technical Service Solution. We can provide radio facilities with broadcast equipment sales, engineering, systems integration and complete turnkey station design with on site installation. Our in house technical service facility completes the one-stop-shop for all your broadcasting requirements and needs.

Lightner Electronics has established a proven track record in the broadcast industry as RF transmission specialists. All transmission formats such as FM, AM, satellite, STL, RPU, Satellite Radio or uplinks are fully supported by our extensive inventory of RF equipment, test gear and service personnel.

Lightner Electronics engineering can help you achieve the maximum potential audience through innovative design with the latest in radio technologies. We also offer station studio and field inspection services, signal coverage studies with consulting, emergency after-hour transmitter repairs and air chain to transmitter total project management.

Lightner Electronics has an extensive list of broadcast industry references. Our client base extends from coast to coast with small, mid and large size radio stations & groups, major radio networks and college – university radio stations too.

Lightner Electronics only represents equipment vendors which have been proven to provide reliable and equipment that is priced fairly, with excellent performance and great customer support. We also offer the latest studio creative tools and equipment that can help your talent perform their best.

Lightner Electronics specializes in rebuilding broadcast equipment to keep your equipment going and going! We also offer refurbished equipment for sale, with a online store coming soon! 

  • Reconditioned Pre-Owned Equipment

  • Audio and Video Systems Integration

  • Reconditioned Pre-Owned Equipment

  • Automation Software & Systems

  • Air & Production Studio Equipment

  • AM – FM Transmitters & Antennae

  • Technical Consulting

  • FCC Compliance Inspections

  • Turnkey Station & Studio Design

  • FCC Compliance Inspections

  • Due Diligence Inspections

Service Technicians at Lightner Electronics

Call us first for all your broadcast studio and transmission needs


Toll Free: 1-866-239-3888

Lightner Electronics has carefully selected the most dependable product lines to offer equipment at competitive prices.  We offer all the broadcast equipment, software and peripherals, from the microphone to the antenna and all in between. Please visit our On Line Store for more details.

Wheatstone manufactures a wide range of cost effective consoles to fill your air and production studio requirements. Whether its digital or analog, IP or TDM networks, router or conventional wiring, Wheatstone has established itself as the leader in radio console solutions.

Audioarts has a wide range of analog and digital consoles in their product line. These consoles are designed and priced to fit the tightest of studio budgets yet provide the high quality and reliability that Audioarts is known for. 

OMT – iMediaTouch has become North America’s most advanced On-Air automation system. Known for its ability to run without supervision or IT management, iMediaTouch offers its latest solution with Version 4.0 software. Lightner Electronics, an authorized iMediaTouch dealer since 1994, is the only US vendor to offer the iMediaTouch automation system solution as a stand-a-lone or as an integral part of a complete turnkey radio studio and tranmission build. We are your one-stop-source for iMediaTouch software, hardware and network design, integration, training and support.

Integrated Sales of iMediaTouch with Wheatstone – Audioarts at Lightner Electronics makes going IP based console and router or analog upgrading in your studios a simple one-call solution. Call us for a turnkey quote on your next studio upgrade.

Vorsis has a wide range

Lightner In-Shop Pre-Wiring with On-Site Installation is offered in support of our Wheatstone and Audioarts product sales.

Ask us for a quote on our pre-wiring services.

Lightner Electronics provides on-site demonstrations of MediaTouch products.  Ask about MediaTouch today.


Over the Years Lightner Electronics Inc. has completed many new installations, and many repairs for stations all over.

Some of Our Projects Include

New WQKK, WGLU,WNCL and WQXA AM/FM transmitter facilities, Construction of radio station WBUS, New studios for WGLU, WQKK, WNCL, WMTZ, WNCL, WCDK, WEIR, WXTC, WHTE, WCYK, WKCY, WQXA, WRKZ, WDSN, and construction of 19 broadcast studios with routing and distribution systems for Accu-Weather. With this project our work can be heard on radio stations worldwide, and on MS-NBC TV. Lightner Electronics Inc. has also been providing years of contract engineering services and consulting for many large and small market stations

Some Projects

Some of the Stations We Work With

7 Mountains Radio group, Cessna Communications, Mega Rock, The Hound Country, WTLR, WJSM, LHTC Media, Renda Broadcasting, The Wendy Bell Show, Broadcast Communications, and many more.

Stations We Work With

Other Stations We Have Worked For

More Stations

WDAD, WQMU, WJSM, WKMC, WMXV, WFGY, WZGO, WDCI, WQHG, WHYL AM/FM, WLEV, WHP, WCVI, WAMO, WMDE, WZPR, WMGW, WZRZ, WEBG, WWCP/WATM TV, WQXA Am-Fm, WHP, WRVV, WRKZ, Indiana County 911, The Mike Gallagher Network, Citadel Communications, Clear Channel Communications, Entercom, Citadel, and many others.

It is crucial to involve your integrator early in the planning stages of your facility. Development of proper plans and drawings can help you to maximize space in your facility, as well as get the most for your installation and integration budget. Our expert planning and design staff can help plan your new facility to include plenty of room, cabling, and the right infrastructure not only for your current needs but to allow for future expansion. Our integrators will also coordinate with other contractors working on your facility to provide the most efficient use of time and materials. A second crucial part of design is selecting the right equipment for you. In today’s radio economy you need every piece of equipment to deliver the maximum performance at the best possible price. Let our professionals help you find the best products for your needs.

Our professional integration team can install everything you need, from cable tray and conduit, to rack placement, cable installation, construction of the block wall (punch blocks, d-rings, tie bases for cable ties), installing cross connects and installation of AC power. When we integrate your facility you can be sure every wire is properly labeled on both ends, all blocks, ports, patchbays and connectors are labeled and you are provided with a complete set of documentation for your facility. Nothing is ever left to guesswork after Lightner Electronics plans, builds and integrates your facility.

In today’s broadcasting world, time is money and we can help save you hours or weeks building and punching wires. With a Lightner Electronics pre-wire you can be sure the connections will be right, labeled and ready for installation. We can build a pre-wire for any audio console or device you may need.

Our pre-wire is not just limited to consoles, we also build pre-wires for phone systems, transmitter remote controls, remote broadcast equipment and more. Tell us what you needs are and we’ll build it for you.

Lightner Electronics has always been in the business of Broadcast Engineering.
Here are some of the many engineering services we provide:

New Station Construction

Broadcast Transmitter Engineering

Facility Construction

Lightner Electronics has a contract with the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and the Pennsylvania Association of the broadcasters to maintain the Emergency Alert system. If you experience any problems with relaying alerts or have any questions about the emergency alert system please give us a call. You can also visit our PA EAS Network page for a wealth of information on the EMnet system.

Due Diligence


Being off-air is a costly problem. We can help reduce many problems with routine transmitter facility checkups and maintenance. We can catch some problems as they are starting to develop, giving you time and options to keep your station on the air and profitable!

Sometimes there are problems we can’t detect such as lightning, vandalism, severe weather and component failure. When these problems do arise, we have loaner equipment to get you back on the air fast.

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