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Lightner Electronics provides security monitoring equipment, surveillance, and access control devices.

Our professional design and installation team can provide your with a comprehensive consultation of your security needs, and provide you with the necessary devices to secure your home or business.  From smoke, heat, and gas detectors to motion sensors, door contacts and many more Lightner Electronics can secure your assets.  Our tech support staff can make sure your system stays working, and provide the solutions for many common simple problems. 

We can provide you with 24×7 system monitoring to keep your home, business or other facility safe from fire or intrusion. 


A security system from Lightner Electronics can detect intrusion, fire, smoke,
water, temperature, and many other custom monitoring requirements. Your business
is an investment, and to be successful you need to keep you investments safe.
Lightner Electronics can provide you with a security system to keep your assets safe
from Fire, Intruders and even your own employees.

Have you always thought about a security system but not been comfortable with
unlocking the door and having to play beat the clock to disarm the system, and giving
out the code to others?  Our keyless entry systems allow pushbutton disarms like you
find on a car, or even card access systems to quickly and easily disarm your system. 
We provide 24×7 system monitoring and routine system checks to make sure your
alarm system is dependable for you when you need it.

We install:

  • Motion Sensors

  • Keyless entry

  • Heat detectors

  • Infrared detectors

  • Glass break sensors

  • Door and window contacts

  • Surveillance on DVR with DVD burning capabilities




Keeping control of your property isn’t always about keeping every one out, all of the time. Employees,
grounds crews, cleaning crews, and many other people need access to your property
– but only when you want them!

With a Lightner Electronics access control system you can keep complete control of who can access
your facilities, when you want them. With access keys and controls, security and monitoring systems,
alarms, digital video recorders and countless other options, Lightner Electronics can provide and install
whatever you need to keep you in complete control of who can access your property and when.



Today’s technology provides high-quality yet cost effective options for video surveillance.  Cameras can be placed anywhere from plain view to nearly invisible ones or even cameras that look like other common items, with the ability to monitor a specific area, pan across an area, or zoom and focus.  Even when the lights are out, we have cameras that will shift from standard color cameras over to night vision, to continue monitoring.

With a video monitoring system from Lightner Electronics, we can provide you with not only the eye in the sky to see what goes on, but also with a means to record it all.  Our high-quality DVR systems come in a variety of sizes, from only a few video feeds, to large installations.  Our DVR systems can come with CD and DVD burning capabilities, that allow you to create a custom video, playable in any DVD player, that shows a selectable number of cameras, zooms, and time lengths – always including a time and date stamp to provide exact evidence so if you ever need the video, you can create a custom display of pertinent footage without having to include anything else.

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