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Lightner Electronics is pleased to serve all of your Auditronics needs! Lightner Electronics purchased the support rights, and parts inventory for Auditronics consoles and systems. We stock a complete line of parts and manuals.


Support and Repair


Our technical support department can help you troubleshoot your console, and get you back on the air. We also offer repair service and loaner modules to keep you on the air and get things back to normal quickly and efficiently. Call our support department at 814-239-8323 today!


Parts and Service


We stock a complete line of parts for the Auditronics line of consoles, including the 200 series, 210 series, 400 series, 800 series, the Comet and many more. Switches, faders, buttons, caps for buttons, entire modules, power supplies, frames, and manuals; we have everything you need to keep your Auditronics console as good as new. Call our sales office today at 814-239-8323 to order everything you need for your Auditronics console.


Parts or service
Call: 814-239-8323

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