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Lightner Electronics offers main in, and drop off equipment repair and refurbishment of Broadcast and comercial Electronic Equipment.  This service has been very popular for broadcasters large and small who no longer have the staff to bench repeair their own equipment.

Please call 814-239-8323 or email to talk about what you would like repaired.


When you are ready to send in your equipment, Please Fill out the form linked to this page, and following the

instructions below: 

Please find attached our Repairform for completion concerning your repair. Include a completed copy of
this form in the box with EACH unit. (Please note we no longer issue RA numbers for repairs).
When addressing your package to LEI, be sure to include ATTN REPAIR DEPT within the LEI
shipping address.

Keep in mind when shipping equipment to LEI for repair, it is very important to properly pack your
items so they are not damaged!  

Please note shipping damage may add additional cost to your repair.

A few moments of your time can save you additional costs!

Here are a few EASY STEPS that are offered by UPS/LEI
1. Choose a box strong enough to hold the contents (plus packing materials).

2. Double box extremely heavy items (i.e 75-100 lbs). Contact your local UPS or FEDEX
office for Help with shipping heavy items.

3. Select and use proper cushioning materials for package contents. Wrap items individually
and surround them with bubble sheeting and recyclable materials or foam loose-fill

4. Contents should NOT directly touch the inside of the shipping box. Allow at least ONE
INCH between your unit and ANY side of the shipping box. This is especially true with Rack Ears! Please use foam,

around all rack ears if they cannot be removed! 

5. Securely seal your package. The contents should not move freely around inside the box
once sealed.

6. Properly label your package with our complete shipping address. Include ATTN: REPAIR
DEPT on the shipping label.

All completed repair items will be returned UPS GROUND, using the LEI shipping account. Please
note if expedited shipping is requested please make note on the repair form.

Thank you for choosing LEI for your repair needs.

Repair Form

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