PA EAS Network Information

State EAS Plan     ***Plan Updated 11/2011***  
Required Monthly Test Times ***UPDATED FOR 2014***
FCC Emergency Alert System Webpage


EAS Software
(Program for Automatically Logging EAS ENDEC Messages)

(Another Program for Automatically Logging EAS ENDEC Messages)


EMnet Software

(Program used to test Network connection to Comlabs Servers)

(Program to view incoming emergency messages on Networked computers)

(Test program for new CommLabs server connections *12/13/2007)



Sage ENDEC Documentation

Sage ENDEC Troubleshooting Tips
Setting Daylight Savings time for Sage ENDEC
Setting daylight savings time info for Sage ENDEC 2



EMnet Training PowerPoints Version 3

EMnet General Operation EMnet Icon
EMnet General Operation The Message Manager
EMnet Setup EAS message reception
EMnet Setup Receiver Configuration
EMnet Setup Notifications
EMnet Features Remote Alerter
EMnet Features Tracking Recent System Activity

Power Point Viewer


Setting the Correct Time Zone on your ENDEC
Setting up EAS Event Codes
Setting up the EMnet Remote Alerter
Support For Your EMnet Terminal
Daylight Savings time Update EAS MARCH11th
Programming EAS Event Codes in your ENDEC

EMnet Documentation

EMnet Network Requirements
EMnet Satellite Aiming Information
EMnet Replacement PCI Satellite Receiver Card Installation 


TFT911 Documentation

TFT911 Display Problems
TFT911 Memory Loss Problems
TFT911 PrinterProblems
TFT911 Repair Info and Printer Supplies